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Drive Customer Traffic with Convenient Destination Electric Vehicle Charging

Future-proof your business. Attract valuable customers who spend more and stay longer by hosting SparkPark EV smart charging stations.

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State-of-the-Art Charging Stations
  • Attract and retain high-valued customers.
  • Provide travel convenience to guests.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity with convenient at-work charging.
Transform your location into a customer lifestyle destination bringing SparkPark EV Charging to your shopping, eating, meeting, playing … “whatever” experience.

  • SparkPark technology installed on location to attract and retain your valued clients, residents and employees
  • At retail malls, restaurants, hotels, recreation centres, theme parks – anywhere people travel to enjoy their lifestyle
  • Customers will make your destination a planned stop to engage while charging
  • Turnkey installation, operation and maintenance
  • Zero cost to EV charging host

quote openWe provide ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING where you want, when you want.quote closed

Bill Harvey, SparkPark President

EV Charging Station Locations

  • Retail
  • Restaurants and Hospitality
  • Accommodation (Hotels)
  • Recreational Centres
  • Event Centres (Convention Centres)
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Municipal Parking
  • Workplace
  • Staff and Delivery EV Fleets
  • Transport & Logistics EV Fleets
  • Ride Share EV Fleets
Enhance your brand with an energized customer experience
  • Host site branding
  • Integrate customer data with host loyalty programs
  • Engage EV customers with exclusive incentives
  • Increase customer dwell time and new EV customer pull
  • Scalable platform across all host locations

Scalable, future-proof charge points to suit location requirements
  • State-of-the-art charging equipment with 99% reliability
  • Largest non-Tesla installed base of charging equipment across North America
  • Best-in-class Customer Interface App
  • Quick charge
Level 2
1 HOUR = 44 KM*
of driving range
Level 3
1 HOUR = 380 KM*
of driving range
*May vary with vehicle make

Each site will be assessed for technical considerations for charging stations including site access, availability of adequate power supply, requirement for EV charging load management, networking, and potential for future expansion.

About SparkPark

SparkPark provides full turn key implementation, long-term stewardship and shared value of state-of-the-art EV charging platforms for both property and enterprise owners to:

Bill Harvey, P.Eng. CEM PMP

The visionary founder of SparkPark, Bill brings over 25 years of broad experience in the energy sector including sustainable project development, business acquisition and integration, risk management and utility operations.

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Gavin Embury, P.Eng. MBA
Chief Development Officer

Gavin has over 25 years of energy project development experience leading the commercial and technical execution of large scale, complex electricity generation, energy storage and distributed energy projects.

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